The English Antique Office Furniture featured at Elisabeth James Antiques is exquisitely made and offers the discerning collector various Era furniture pieces that were suitable for the library and study areas where it was typical for men to gather to discuss business and socialize over drinks of brandy and a good cigar, and women to enjoy time in conversation with friends in other areas of the home.

This antique office furniture featured dainty writing tables with decorative leg posts that were used by women to prepare correspondence to social engagements and handle the daily tallying of the household accounts.

Many of the antique office furniture bookcases were crafted in the 17th, 18th or 19th Century styles, and featured adjustable bookshelves, with upper an lower sections that featured glazed doors with intricate mouldings. There is a wide assortment of bureaus, at any given time, that depict fine grain polished mahogany wood detailed with metal recessed handles.

The flavor of the late 1800’s can be recognized in antique office furniture bureaus that featured a quality crafted hard wood construction and drawers at the bottom, and a top overlay that concealed a work area. These popular pigeon hole openings and drawers served to keep the family business organized. Many estate owners preferred these type of bureaus because of the hidden compartments feature that safeguarded their secrets and ill-gotten gains.

Many of these fine antique office furniture accessories were ornamented with metal handles in many ornate styles, with special accenting provided by gilded metal studding on the arms of the pieces.

This exquisite collection of antique office furniture can be explored in detail by visiting us online at The Elisabeth James Antiques collection changes rapidly, as our furniture items are sold, new items are continually added to replenish our wonderfully exquisite furniture offerings. Visit often to find exquisite pieces, at marvelous pricing.