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10ft Quality Large Original Victorian Antique Mahogany Dining Table Seat 14 People

£ 4300


Specialising in antique dining tables we have a huge stock of quality original English dining tables but this one caught our eye as lovely proportion and shaped D ends with super figured timbers to the top. Absolutely untouched original Victorian example made by a very good cabinet maker and surviving 150 years in remarkably good condition. Simply requires sympathetic restoration and polishing to your specification by our in house team of hand finishing polishers (we are one of the last professional dealers in the country only using traditional techniques bespokely hand finishing quality antique furniture CAVEAT EMPTOR: A considerable percentage of customers viewing our genuine antique dining tables disclose their interest in other similar looking products advertised on independent websites and Ebay by large ‘antiques’ companies. These products are listed in page categories using the word ‘antique’ but are actually imported plywood reproductions mostly from the Far East. Within their advertisement you will find the word ‘style’ alongside terms such as Regency, ‘Victorian’ etc.. but the word ‘style’ is deliberately used ambiguously to avoid using the correct terminology of ‘reproduction’ or ‘replica’ in order that the additional sales jargon about quality, English history and ‘good condition’ of these products will have people believe they are viewing genuine antiques. Sadly we know many victims of this trading practise so please be careful in the ‘antiques’ market!
Circa: C1870
Stock Code: E1918
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