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Set Of Six Original Victorian Rosewood Balloon Back Cabriole Leg Chairs

Lovely clean set of crisply worked early Victorian rosewood parlour chairs with camel balloon to moulded frames tied by crested rail. Overstuff serpentine formed seat supported by moulded cabriole legs. Just need upholstering in your chosen fabric (included in the price).

Status : In stock
Circa:   C1860
Stock Code:  E1960
Price: £ 1500

Set Twelve Victorian Mahogany Antique dining Chairs

Super set of original mahogany balloon back dining offered in original condition but possible to polish match your table. We have over 200 Victorian balloon back chairs in stock 200 and our price includes upholstering in you chosen fabric (costs around £360 to upholster a set of 12 chairs).

CAVEAT EMPTOR: A considerable percentage of customers viewing our genuine antique dining chairs disclose their interest in other similar looking products advertised on independent websites and Ebay by large ‘antiques’ companies. These products are listed in page categories using the word ‘antique’ but are actually imported reproductions mostly from the Far East. Within their advertisement you will find the word ‘style’ alongside terms such as Regency, ‘Victorian’ etc.. but the word ‘style’ is deliberately used ambiguously to avoid using the correct terminology of ‘reproduction’ or ‘replica’ in order that the additional sales jargon about quality, English history and ‘good condition’ of these products will have people believe you are viewing genuine antiques. Sadly we know many victims of this trading practise so please be careful in the ‘antiques’ market!

Status : In stock
Circa:   C1890
Stock Code:  E1938
Price: £ 3700

Antique Dining Chairs | Set 10 antique oak balloon back dining chairs

Most unusual to find a set of ten balloon back chairs of this design but very rare in oak indeed. Good rake in back of the moulded frames and generous serpentine formed seats supported by moulded cabriole legs to front and sabre to rear. In untouched original condition ready for polishing to and upholstering to your specification (included in price).

Status : In stock
Circa:   C1870
Stock Code:  E1896
Price: £ 2900

Set 12 Antique Dining Chairs - Twelve Victorian Mahogany Balloon Back Dining Chairs

Good set of late Victorian mahogany crown balloon backs with drop in seats and standing on turned front legs. Can be polished any shade and upholstered in your chosen fabric with in the price.

Status : In stock
Circa:   C.1880
Stock Code:  E1527
Price: £ 3800

Huge Set Of Antique Dining Chairs - Set Of 14 Victorian Crown Back Dining Chairs

Long set of fourteen Victorian mahogany crown back dining chairs with drop on seats, serpentine shaped fronts and turned tapering legs. Substantial, comfortable and finely made in original untouched condition. Polish to customers preferred colour and new upholstery included in price.

Status : In stock
Circa:   C.1880
Stock Code:  E1295
Price: £ 4350

Set Six Antique Regency Period Dining Chairs With Reeded Legs

Quality and very aesthetic set of six original George IV period dining chairs with saddle backs to reeded and moulded frames meeting enclosed drop in seats. Relief carved central rail and seat frame and standing on finely turned and Gillows reeded legs. Lovely examples just requiring upholstery in your choice of fabric (included in price).

Status : Sold
Circa:   C1820
Stock Code:  E1911
Price: £ 1700

Set 10 Victorian Balloon Backs - Ten Heart Shaped Back Rosewood Dining Chairs With Cabriole Legs

Handsome harlequin set of finely made rosewood balloon back chairs with carved rails and serpentine formed overstuffed seats. Standing on fine carved cabriole legs and in wonderful condition and lovely warm colour (could go with mahogany very well). Just requires upholstery fabric of your choice.

Status : Sold
Circa:   C.1870
Stock Code:  E1394
Price: £ 2950

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We hold an extensive stock of antique balloon back chair sets at our antique centre, antique showrooms and antique trade warehouse in Olney, Buckinghamshire. If you cannot see the perfect antique balloon back chair sets on this page please use our Antique Search Service and we will gladly send you details of any arriving stock items that match your requirements