Original Georgian Mahogany Extending Dining Table With Gillows Reeded Legs

Here's a table we prepared for a london exhibition and took a quick video in our yard. As it happens we sent the video to a client looking for a good early table as a sample of the standard of our resoration and particularly a demonstration of top end hand French polishing. The table never got to London as client loved it from the video and now lives in Germany together with a beautiful set of Georgina chairs and a sideboard.

Early period tables as large as this are extremely rare these days but we do get them from time to time if we can intercept them before they get the high end retail dealers and the silly prices attracted. This table was £15k but would have attracted a price of £25k upwards if not from our 'cowshed' in the boonies! 

Fine quality early Victorian Mahogany EXtending Table with 'West End' full French polish

Takes about 10 days to hand polish a table to perfection. Elisabeth James Antiques have a team of 11 restorers including 3 of the top French polishers in the UK, possibly the World. Many visitors comment, 'I've never seen polishing like this before' and they'd be correct. Unless you have visited a top London Lapada or Grosvener House fair you will not see the standard of finishing the Elisabeth James team achieve anywhere else in the UK.
Just a shame we are not so good at taking videos yet but we'll get the hang of it soon!enlightened

Large Antique Regency Pedestal Dining Table 26ft, 8 Metres

Elisabeth James Antiques always have around 30 Regency extending pedestal dining tables in stock. Currently the largest is 32ft in length and there're always plenty at 8ft,10ft,12ft and over.

Here's video of a rather smart 26ft pedestal table our team have been hand, French, polishing for 3 weeks, shortly on its way to a new home in Berlin.

Plenty of Chinese plywood reproductions are on the market on Ebay and a couple of 'antiques' companies near London, so if you are looking for a genuine table beautifully hand finished please get in touch anytime.

Antique Mahogany Library Writing Desk

Elisabeth James usually have around 30 antique desks in stock from smaller 4ft pedstals, 6ft partners and large library wring desks up to 10ft.

Here's a smart library desk polished with hand tooled tan leather. We do the leather work in house with a team of 11 highly skilled restorers so it's possible to find perfect desk for you in any size, style or period.

15ft Original 19th Century Victorian Oak Extending Table

Albeit English oak was only fashionably used for a short period of time in the late 19th Century to construct large extending dining tables it was a period of great wealth in the UK so sufficient were made of the quality to survive and today provide some choice in original Victorian tables of sizes 8ft to 26ft length. Oak is naturally a golden honey colour once seasoned for 100 years but in the finishing process we can achieve anything from a bleached flotsam and jetsam look through to a dark Jacobean. Finishes can be natural wax, hard durable lacquer or classic French polish. 

The table on this video has been finished a warm shade in a heat and water resistant French polish after an extensive restoration to make the structure and ergonomics of the runner system absolutely perfect. It now sits in a beautiful period house in Yorkshire.

All of the tables you see on our website are offered prior to restoration, exactly as we find them, until you specify the shade and finish required. Often these large pieces have passed through family generations with little more than the odd dusting. It takes an awful lot of skilled work to bring back to original functional condition, even out the colour accross a huge expanse and finish beautifuly by hand. There are only a few professional antique restoration people left in the UK who are equipped and skilled enough to work on these large pieces by hand using traditional tecniques. Its a very time consuming and costly process, so sadly most of the tables we see on the open market (Ebay, Selling Antiques, etc..) have just been bodged with spray coats of coloured synthetic finish to disguise the problems, which looks attrocious but is very cheap, unskilled work and quick of course!

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Many folk are bit surprised when they first visit our warehouse. Most common initial comment is 'Aladins Cave, wow' followed by 'yes, cup of tea please' then 'where do we begin'. What's for certain is that everybody enjoys hunting around what really is a converted grain store in a rural courtyard farm setting (even the kids seem to have fun!). Stacked to the gunnels with original period furniture, mainly covering usable home furnishing but pretty much everything you can imagine to furnish a period home top to bottom.
We don't spend any time on presentation here (as you can see from the video !!). The hard work is put into mainting a quality stock and managing our clients projects with bespoke restoration in our workshops.
There are very few professional antique fiurniture trade envoronments selling untouched and professionally restored pieces remaining in the UK but Elisabeth James are proudly upholding the standards and a huge stock for you to see on a visit anytime.
Hope to see you soon! smiley