Interior Design Services

Creating interior antique setting is our business!

It may take many years to acquire a complete look to any room in a house but much more time if that room is to be furnished with antiques. This is simply due to the unique nature of all antiques by way of their individual design, size, base material, colour, patination, finish, etc.. There’s no catalogue and supplier from China for antiques, you select pieces from hundreds of years of craftsman working to thousands of unique designs. Antiques are in limited availability and dispersed all over the UK with retailers that you may never find. So building a look that is in keeping with style and period that you envisage is very difficult to say the least.

This is why we have had great success assisting our clients with our interior design service. Our expertise selecting good quality items is an asset but our ability to identify perfect pieces to create a setting has taken many years of hands on experience. Also, our daily searching of all the UK’s auction houses, an extensive dealer network and all major fairs provides ample opportunity to discover almost anything.

So whether you are looking to create a Victorian parlour, Regency dining setting, gentleman’s games room or Georgian formal lounge we can take your ideas and assemble potential designs. You make no commitment, other than to help us achieve your ambitions, and we will deliver no obligation opportunities to fulfil your dream.