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With everything made individually by hand, pre-1900, it is little wonder that finding a piece of a certain age, timber type, colour, size or finish proves such a difficulty. Especially when those unique items are dispersed all over the UK and beyond. Even the largest antiques centres in the UK may only stock a few choices of the most common of items – chairs, tables, chests, etc. – so the chances of finding something specific is remote.

However, travelling the length of the UK looking for specific items is our occupation. Dealing direct with all of the UK’s auction houses, dealer network and major fairs gives us access to thousands of pieces every week. Our finding service is free and well organised, via a detailed database, so all you have to do is let us know what you want, give us a budget and we’ll set to work finding the perfect match. Easy! Just click below and complete the enquiry form or give us a call anytime.

Items we have successfully found or been asked to search for in the past include Antique bedroom furniture, Antique Bedside cabinet, matching antique Beds and an Antique Bed, an Antique Sleigh bed, Antique Four poster bed, Antique Display cabinet,| Antique Canterbury, Antique Music cabinet, Antique Hat stand, Antique Coat stand, Antique Umbrella stand, Antique Stick stand, Antique box , Antique Tea Caddie, Antique Tea poy, Antique Stationary box, Antique Writing slope, Georgian Antique Furniture, William IV Antique Furniture, Regency Antique Furniture, Victorian Antique Furniture, Edwardian Antique Furniture, Oak Antique Furniture, Mahogany Antique Furniture, Rosewood Antique Furniture, Yew Antique Furniture, Satinwood Antique Furniture, Elm Antique Furniture, Walnut Antique Furniture, 17th century Antique Furniture, 18th century Antique Furniture, 19th century Antique Furniture, 20th century Antique Furniture, Art Deco Furniture, Arts and Crafts Furniture, Art Nouveau Furniture and other Quality Antique Furniture.
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